Saturday, August 23, 2008

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Unknown said...


I look foward to hearing the real deal about the feelings and thoughts of our youth. Also, I can't wait to hear about some of that Muslim hospitality from our Brothers and Sisters in Denver.

Keep us posted!

Chance Haall said...


I am so thankful for the believers that have took the time to inform us while at the DMC Convention.

This historic event brings me back to 1990 when Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad ran in the 5th District, and Bro.Abdul Arif Muhammad (George X Cure at the time)ran for Washington, D.C. represetative in congress. It assures that the effort in those campaigns played a role in Muslims runing for National office in America.

I look forward to the dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Walaikum As Salaam Sister Nisa!

Glad that the FCN is covering the DNC. Starting to get really annoyed with some of the biased and unreliable feedback from other media sources like CNN, FoxNews and the like...Give us the positive news worthy stories that our community longs for. May Allah bless you and the rest of the FCN staff with wonderful experiences and a safe journey!
Rochester, NY

Anonymous said...


May Allah bless you with success in reporting the truth to us.

Keep us updated.

Anonymous said...


There is so much I want to say about the DNC that I don't know where to start. I have been at the convention everyday since Sunday. The experience has been overwhelming to my heart. You can feel the need the people have to hold on to something, "anything" real. A sense of hope fill the air. The people feel Barack Obama is pledging salvation. The people idolize him for the promises he have made. I think they may be making him a God.

I have heard many of the speeches given in the last few days. The scripted commentary, the comforting messages that were written to win our votes and touch the souls of a broken nation.

The inter -faith event was wonderful. They tried to teach that all faiths can live in this world together and join in solidarity for one common cause. It was a great way to kick off the DNC. It made you proud to be who you are.

The women's 6 hour event was set up to teach the female of today that we have the right to vote! We are not at the threshold of being given a voice, we have a voice in this world, and we must stand up and use that right. We are the forces that shape this world and our vote matters. But what you didn't see are the women who were carried out by the police for using their right of free speech to say things about Bush that we all already know.

I have sat with the people and listened to whatever they wanted to share with me. Most of them working at the DNC for no pay just to get a ticket to the main event. Which many of them won't get to see. Its tragic to think of the hard work by many that no one will ever see. No one will ever know.

I admire Barack Obama for stepping up to take a stand in this hour. He knows how to please, impress and charm the people with his eloquent of words, kind smile and love for the people. Last night he said they moved the event to a bigger place so that everyone who wanted to attend could. Many see that as a potential opportunity I'm not sure it is. Many of the people will be hurt because they couldn't get in after all their work. How many will be left standing outside waiting wishing and hoping to get in to see history in the making.

I was left with this thought. When I got there on Sunday the reporters as well as the people were all over us because they are in search of God where ever he may be found. We need to get out in our community and help Allah save our people.

Sister Shahada Muhammad